Book Of Poetry: Romantic Poems

Book Of Poetry: Romantic Poems
For those that are like me and really enjoy reading romantic poems you need to get a copy of Romantic Poems. This poetry book is completely packed with 15 inspiring poems. The author really does a great job in describing situations. Some of the poems I enjoyed are My Spanish Butterfly, Cosmic Love Storm, You And I, Good Morning, and Put It There. I would suggest anyone who likes romantic poems to get a copy of this book today.

These are some great romantic poems. Finding good poems about love and romance isn't easy so when I came across this book I very happy. I would recommend anyone who loves romance and love to get a copy of this book today.

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Book Description
Publication Date: February 14, 2012
In life we all experience romance at one point or another. Seeing romance through the eyes of a poet can help give you a better perspective. Romantic Poems covers romance and love from every angle. The book consists of 15 outstanding poems including:

Put It There
You And I
In Our Time Of Yore
My Spanish Butterfly
All Alone
Ecstasy and Paradise
Good Morning
What is it Love or Lust?
Good Morning II
Lonely Nights
Habit, Compulsion, Dependence, Need, Obsession, Craving…….Addictions
Precious Stone
Cosmic Love Storm
Envy, Covetousness, Longing, Yearning, Thirst, Itch, Hunger…Desire

Grab your copy of Romantic Poems from the Book of Poetry by James K Moore today and experience romance and love through his eyes.

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