Clinch the Moon: And Other Original Love Poems [Kindle Edition]

Clinch the Moon: And Other Original Love Poems [Kindle Edition]
Book Description
Publication Date: February 11, 2012
Written from the wild and wondrous frontier of the heart, Ghadeer Soudani’s "Clinch the Moon" leads us into the depth and daring of raw passion! This eccentric collection of love poems will entrance the bold, as well as the timid, as it mixes and mingles with your own passionate yearning for a love that courageously dances beyond all boundaries.

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About the Author
Ghadeer Soudani is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Amman, Jordan.
Naturally creative and driven by her passion for learning, she
graduated with a Bachelor degree in English Literature and Business
Administration from the University of Yarmouk/Jordan. Greatly
influenced by the wise and passionate voices of Shakespeare, Emerson
and Gibran, her own words began to flow spontaneously
taking her on a life?long journey of inner?reflection and self?realization.
Clinch the Moon
original poetry and within its pages you will find a powerful woman
of substance who is passionate, bold and romantically daring!
is Ghadeer Soudani's first published volume of

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