Breakup Solutions for the Broken Hearted

You might search in every nook and corner of the world for a feasible solution which can make you forget your ex and the memories of your relationship, but the question is, are you really successful in your mission? Have the searches been fruitful and have you moved on using the methodologies suggested? The first reaction after any breakup is lowered self esteem. Are you broken hearted? You feel very bad thinking that you have been cheated or manipulated by their partners. After the break up a sense of being ignored and used hangs high in the mind that one tends to get depressed and frustrated.

This emotional down pour then leads to various reactions and counter reactions which might lead to many problems. A person might lose his dignity, creditability, productivity etc because of this. Thus taking stock of the situation and finding a feasible way to move on is the only solution which is advisable. It is hard to neither forget nor forgive the person involved and you do foolish things to forget or try all means to show that you care or you still despise him.

Many try to get an eye for an eye and try to find even criminal ways to hurt their partner to show their disgust. We have seen so many killing and suicides too as the result of breakups. It shows an unsteady and imbalanced state of mind of the person involved. Matured people think otherwise their try to accept the fact, find a solution and move on in their lives. Killing yourself or the other person is definitely not a solution to the problem. Nor is the problem going to end if you drain yourself in drugs or food. So try thinking out of the box and take the situation in your hand. Think clearly and find the best solution which will help you to overcome a broken heart and the pain resulting from a breakup.

Different people belonging to different age groups encounter breakups in different ways. Teenagers generally try to get addicted or start eating too much or too little to keep the pain at bay at least till they find some body else interesting. Aged people are more mature in their handling of the situation though they too might find temporary relief in addiction or food. Whatever it is the best solution is to move on quickly and take charge of your life bringing it to normal mode to heal your broken heart.(Chris J Roberts :

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