Treasury of Wedding Poems, Quotations, and Short Stories [Hardcover]

Treasury of Wedding Poems, Quotations, and Short Stories [Hardcover]
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Publication Date: May 1, 1998
This is a collection of over 100 classic poems, quotations and short stories from many lands, all on the subject of weddings. From bridal preparations and the wedding day itself, there is advice for newlyweds about married life from writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, John Donne, Goethe, Judah Halevi, e.e. cummings, Anne Bradstreet, W.S. Rendra, Ovid, George Bernard Shaw, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stephen Crane and A.A. Milne.

Wedding Gifts, Sels. by S. Y. Agnon
The Bride by Bella Akhmadulina
The Worn Wedding-ring by William Cox Bennett
Happy Marriage by Thomas Blacklock
Wedding Feast by Amy Bower
To My Dear And Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet
New Poems: 8 by Edward Estlin Cummings
Marriage Poem by Sapardi Djoko Damono
Come Live %with Me, And Be My Love by John Donne
A Father's Wedding Poem To His Son by Joseph Ezobi
To My Bride by Janos Garay
Wedding Song by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
At The Savory Chapel by Robert Ranke Graves
Chosen Of Bridegrooms by Yehuda Halevi
Any Wife Or Husband by Carol Haynes
At The Wedding March by Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Wedding Gift by Minna Irving
Wedding Celebration by Tenrai Kono
My Mayday Bride by Vilhelm Krag
Bride's Mother by Christie Lund
Bridal Day by Compton Mackenzie
Here Love His Golden Shafts Employs, Here Lights by John Milton
Village For A Wedding by Jan Boleslaw Ozog
The Wedding by Boris Leonidovich Pasternak
Hear The Mellow Wedding Bells by Edgar Allan Poe
Hear The Mellow Wedding Bells by Edgar Allan Poe
The Moon's Bed, The Bride's Bed by W. S. Rendra
A Bride Song by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Wedding Season by Johan Ludvig Runeberg
Bride by George Sarandaris
Man And Wife by Shin Shalom
This And More by Glenn Siebert
The Bride by Edith Sodergran
The Rain's Marriage by Marcia Southwick
Wedding Pillow by Kim Sowol
Of The Night, Let The Bridegroom Sing by Publius Papinius Statius
Bride Waltz by Evert Taube
Proposal by Bayard Taylor
With This Ring by Saul Tchernikhovsky
On The Marriage Of A Virgin by Dylan Thomas
The Mariage Cake by Anonymous
Ode To A Bridegroom by Anonymous
Old Senryu Collections, Sels. by Anonymous
To The Bride by Anonymous
To The Bridegroom by Anonymous
Marriage Song by William Thomas Walsh
The Marriage by Yvor Winters
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