Be Loved, Beloved - 15 Spiritual Love Poems, God Love, Self Love [Kindle Edition]

A little book of short inspirational poems if you need to know how to love yourself right now. A gift for someone who is ill and working on self love. A spiritual valentine's gift, expressing your knowledge that your friend is loved by God.

This 42 page book of short spiritual poems takes us with Katherine T Owen on the journey she has made to know God’s love and move towards self love. This journey was triggered by the testing circumstances of fourteen years with the illness CFS / ME combined with inadequate care. With little speech or movement, fighting to survive, she explored spirituality to find peace. She would not trade those difficult years for the knowledge gained of God’s love.

In the tradition of the mystics, Katherine T Owen writes about direct spiritual experience. The poems take us with her through both her resistance and surrender to the love that brings true healing.

Katherine T Owen is a Christian Mystic and a student of A Course In Miracles. She recognises many paths to God. “Go deep enough into God and we are One.”

Each poem in Be Loved, Beloved is accompanied by both a spiritual quote and a release. The release is a simple but powerful forgiveness exercise Katherine T Owen developed to keep her heart open to God’s love during the many difficult years of living with chronic illness. To find out more about the release, go to her site and download the free e-book: The Release – A Practice of Forgiveness and Acceptance. The website also gives information about Katherine’s journey of spirituality and healing.

Extract from the introduction to Be Loved, Beloved: “God is love. On some level I knew this. If I felt unloved, the fault did not lie with a God who did not know how to love me. It must be my own beliefs that were simply blocking out my awareness of that love. I set out to identify and replace these beliefs with ones to open my heart to God...

“Here you will find love poems to God, love poems from God, love poems to and from myself. I pray that this book serves to open you a little more to the Love that waits for us whenever we are willing to receive it.”

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